Sailing Charters


Sailing is more than just wind hitting cloth – it’s a dream with no boundaries. Experience an activity that is over 3,000 years old and captures the awe and passion of so many people. You’ll see the landmarks and sights that you would on our harbor tour – the difference is being effortlessly taken along by the wind. Enjoy yourself and sit on the bow as the ocean breeze propels the boat through gentle rolling waves – or take the wheel and feel the currents running underneath the keel.


Pricing and Info:

Sailing Charters are offered through Charleston Sailboat Charters and can accommodate groups of up to 6 and are 2.5 -3 hours in duration with additional hours upon request.

Price: $495

Additional Hours: $150 per Hour


For a full list of our unique sailing charters, please visit our Charter Page.


For reservations please call Captain Jay Keeney: (843)SEA-MAN6

Or send an email to:

For information about the experience, boat or captains: Geechee Girl Experience

For Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs